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Airbag crash data eraser by OBDII for SUBARU

Airbag crash data eraser by OBDII for SUBARU

Product Information

This standalone OBDII device can erase SUBARU 2005-2012 cars SRS AIRBAG crash data by OBDII diagnostic few seconds.
Just switch ignition ON and connect device to car OBDII connector. Wait 10 seconds and airbag crash data will be erased.

Works with: all DENSO SRS-airbag sensors with EEPROM or processor including these with RENESAS H8SX :

  • 98221-SC090
  • 98221-FG110
  • 98221-AJ030
  • 98221-AJ050
  • 98221-AJ110
  • 98221-AJ130
  • 98221-SC100
  • 98221-SC130
  • 98221-FG130
  • 98221-AJ06A
  • 98221-AJ07A
  • 98221-AJ08A
  • 98221-FJ140
  • 98221-FJ240

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Price: 199.00

Product Code: SUBER
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