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CarProg repair software for Audi 2J74Y processors

CarProg repair software for Audi 2J74Y processors

Product Information
Audi instrument clusters (dashboards) made by Jeager (Magnetti Marelli) repair software. Using this software you can repair many problems:

  •  LCD display not works;
  • km, rpm pointers not work;
  • dashboard lamps blinking, pointers going up and down chaotically;
  • dashboard is totally dead;
If only one KM or RPM pointer doesn't work - order this part No need to change any part, any processor, just connect CarProg A10 cable and push "Repair" button.
Car repair Audi TT, A3, A4, A6 clusters with these softwares (open dashboard and look label on processor):

V7.94ML, V7.94HL, V8.35ML, V8.42ML, V8.51ML, V8.55ML, V8.58ML, V8.40HL, V8.42HL, V8.51HL, V8.53HL, V8.55HL,
V8.58HL, V7.66ML, V7.66HL, V7.95ML, V7.95HL, V7.91ML, V7.92ML, V7.91HL, V7.92HL, V8.40HL, V7.47ML, V7.48ML,
V7.49ML, V7.4cML, V7.64ML, V7.4DML, V7.65ML, V7.82ML, V7.47HL, V7.62HL, V7.48HL, V7.49HL, V7.4cHL, V7.64HL,
V7.4dHL, V7.65HL, V7.82HL

Warning: !!!
12.5 - 13.5 V supply required !!! - otherway Write will stop on 4-7% and you will get "Write error"

BIN file needed for this software


Some repair helps:

About your problem with fuel gauge: 
1) first you must do instrument cluster test with VCDS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvb70NPIhtc
This test can help you to set pointers on motor in correct position: after test fuel and temperature gauge pointers stop in the middle of scale.
If pointers positions is not correct – adjust it.
2) if after IGNITION ON/OFF fuel or temp pointers changing positions – this is not processor problem!  Please find bad soldered contacts on PCB or exchange pointers motor: http://www.codecard.lt/electronics/others/audi-tt-temperature-and-fuel-pointer-motor-for-magneti-marelli-dash/prod_393.html
3) If everything is OK, just fuel gauge works in reverse – incorrect part (cluster) is installed in car.  In Audi can be used 2 kind of fuel level meters – normal and reverse. Then fuel is empty one dash can show “0”, other “full”.
This fault usually appears when you swapping instrument clusters. Is not possible to adapt fuel gauge type by ODB2, you must exchange instrument cluster.
We can reprogram this function by full dash software programming (we need to reprogram both processors (small HC08 and big HC12) and after make instrument cluster immobilizer adaptation.



This software is included to CarProg Basics package.



Product Code: 2J74YAUDI


Overall rating: 5

Ladislav Kery  

2012-11-28 12:29

very good product!
Eduards Simanovichs  

2011-09-26 16:03

This software very best on Audi A3 repair! Our best recommendations! CARPROG and
UAB "Atomis" - forewer!
Luis Borges  

2010-09-14 01:05

This software works very well on Audi A4 Jaeger dash! I just repaired one with
lcd dead and a malfunction poiters all (temp. fuel, oil temp and batt)
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