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S7.16 - Odometer repair without removing EEPROM for Nissan Infinity instrument cluster

S7.16 - Odometer repair without removing EEPROM for Nissan Infinity instrument cluster

Product Information


350ZX Kansei 93C66
Almera Kansei 93C46
Almera Kansei 93C56
Almera Kansei 93C66
Altima Kansei 93C66
Bluebird Kansei 93C56
Bluebird Kansei 93C66
Caravan Kansei 93C56
Cube Kansei 93C56
Cube Kansei 93C86
GT-R Kansei 93C56
GT-R Kansei 93C66
Juke Kansei 93C86
Maxima Kansei 93C46
Maxima Kansei 93C56
Maxima Kansei 93C66
Micra Kansei 93C66
Murano Kansei 93C66
Navara (Frontier) Kansei 93C56
Note Kansei 93C66
Note Kansei 93C76
NV-200 Kansei 93C86
Pathfinder (Terrano) Kansei 93C66
Patrol Kansei 93C56
Patrol Kansei 93C66
Patrol Kansei 93C86
Primera Kansei 93C56
Primera Kansei 93C66
Primera VDO 93C46
Primera VDO 93C56
Sentra Kansei 93C46
Sentra Kansei 93C66
Serena Kansei 93C56
Serena Kansei 93C66
Sunny Kansei 93C56
Sunny Kansei 93C66
Tiida (Versa) Kansei 93C66
Xterra Kansei 93C56
X-Trail Kansei 93C56
X-Trail Kansei 93C66


EX35 Kansei 93C66
FX35 Kansei 93C66
FX37 Kansei 93C66
FX37 Kansei 93C76
FX45 Kansei 93C66
G35 Kansei 93C66
I30 Kansei 93C56
M45 Kansei 93C66
Q35 Kansei 93C56
QX4 Kansei 93C56
QX56 Kansei 93C86


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Product Code: S7.16
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