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S8.3 - 2017 Industrial equipment hour meter programming software update for CarProg

S8.3 - 2017 Industrial equipment hour meter programming software update for CarProg

Product Information

More than 600 new types Industrial machines, tractors, excavators included with 2017 CarProg Industrial Update. 

This update will give access to any Industrial CarProg menu added in year 2017:

  • Case	2100	HC11E9
    Case	4200	93C46
    Case	4240XL	93C46
    Case	5130	93C46
    Case	5150	93C56
    Case	695 SuperR	PIC30F6014
    Case	721D	24C04
    Case	9250	93C46
    Case	CS94	93C46
    Case	CVT130	93C46
    Case	CVX150	24C04
    Case	CVX150	93C46  and others ...
    CAT	324DL VECU	24C512
    CAT	325DL VECU	24C512
    CAT	329D BODY	24C512
    CAT	329D Clock	PIC16F913
    CAT	343F	24C08
    CAT	428D	24C02
    CAT	428E	PIC16F913
    CAT	428F	24C08  and others ....
    JCB	436EXZ 2009	93C66
    JCB	456EXZ 2009	93C66
    JCB	4CX 2000	93C66
    JCB	531-70	24C02
    JCB	535-140	24C16
    JCB	536-60	24C16
    JCB	704	24C01
    JCB	728	HC11F1  ....
    John Deere	5820 ENG L11 Liters	93C86
    John Deere	6110 ECU	HC05B16
    John Deere	6200	93C46
    John Deere	6210	93C66
    John Deere	6220	93C66
    John Deere	6230 ENG L14 Hours	95256
    John Deere	6300	93C46
    John Deere	6310 ECU	HC05B16
    John Deere	6320 BCU4	93C76
    John Deere	6320 ENG L11 Hours	93C86 .....
    Komatsu	PC-290	S24S45
    Komatsu	PC-290NLC	S530
    Komatsu	PC-300	S190
    Komatsu	PC-300	S530
    Komatsu	PC-340	S24S45
    Komatsu	PC-35	24C16 .....
    New Holland	MH City Dash	AT45DB011
    New Holland	MH City x5043	Hours
    New Holland	MH City x5043	Trip
    New Holland	NH85	24C02
    New Holland	T4030N	24C16 ....
    Full upported industrial machines, tractors, forklifts list:    

Warning: this is only update that extends available list of modules in CarProg software. 
With this update you will get all CarProg softwares from "Industrial" directory (S8.1 and S8.2 activations included)


You can order additional CARPROG softwares and adapters:
A4 - CarProg EEPROM programming adapter +(50.00)
A5 - CarProg DIP8 clip for EEPROM programmer +(50.00)
A6 - CarProg SOIC8 clip for EEPROM programmer +(50.00)
A10 - CarProg Motorola MPU programming adapter +(50.00)

Price: 420.00

Product Code: S8.3
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