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S4.10 - Immobiliser programmer for Audi RB4 2001-2006

S4.10 - Immobiliser programmer for Audi RB4 2001-2006

Product Information
With this software you can read/write decrypted immobiliser information from Audi RB4 RB8 year 2001-2006 immobiliser by OBDII: VIN, keys ID, CS(component security) and using S4.8 software ( http://www.codecard.lt/carprog/software/carprog-immo/s4-8-carprog-keyforvag-transponder-key-programmer-for-vw-audi-skoda-seat/prod_579.html ) prepare and write transponder key directly, without using diagnostic equipment.


NOTE! This software is included in CARPROG FULL or CARPROG IMMO packages.

Price: 50.00

Product Code: S4.10
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Overall rating: 5

Agostino Ferron  

2013-11-05 08:32

Very good and very simple software for this type of instrument cluster. I have
used it in the vehicle and on the work bench. Either way, it works perfect. Well
done Codecard.
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