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S2.7 Renesas RH850 R7F7 processors data flash programmer

S2.7 Renesas RH850 R7F7 processors data flash programmer

Product Information
Supported processors:

R7F7010034  R7F7010123   R7F7010124 R7F7010193   R7F7010223    R7F7010234     R7F7010423     R7F7010424 R7F7010623      R7F7010673      R7F7010713     R7F701A033     R7F701A223    R7F701A313      Others RH850 processors not tested.

Renesas RH850 programming with CarProg A10 adapter pinouts: 

A10 Brown   - RH850 EVSS pin (GND)
A10 Red       - RH850 EVCC pin (+5V)
A10 Green    - RH850 JP0_0 pin
A10 Yellow   - RH850 JP0_1 pin
A10 Blue       - RH850 RESET pin
A10 Orange  - RH850 FLMD0 pin

If you programming SRS Airbag module  - don't reverse the module! Airbag sensor must be in same orientation like in car!
No need to add +12V power supply to airbag sensor.


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