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Carprog Manual


Before writing to support@codecard.lt

Please read Frequently asked questions(FAQ)

  Where i can get CarProg software?
CarProg Software you can download here
  I don't have any manuals !
CarProg manuals you can download here
  How much does it cost ..........
All prices are here
  CarProg test shows error
  • Check, maybe you forgot to use A9 adapter
  • Check, maybe you forgot to gave 12v supply for CarProg
  CarProg doesn't read HC05, HC08, HC11, HC12
  • Please open A10 adapter, there must be two resistance's inside
  • If A10 adapter is OK, then please do a CarProg test with A9 adapter.
  After update CarProg doesn't work
Device is not compatible to your old data LIB file after repair,
this is because we have replaced hardware and updated it.
In your PC all you need is to delete your current LIB file from software directory and use UPDATE->INTERNET.
New valid file will be created after download and this error will gone.
This happens because:
LIB file contains all plugins that should be load to device when you need to run something
i.e. LIB file contains EEPROM software version v1.1 this version number is stored inside device too.
If you update device with another PC to v1.2 (in our case I have updated it after repair in my PC)
your LIB file with v1.1 stays not compatible because device wants to load v1.2
so all you need is delete your current LIB file and use UPDATE->INTERNET to download new LIB.
  I have bought new software but in my list shows n/a
  Can I repair CarProg hardware by myself ?
Yes you can, there is repair kit you can buy it and some things you can repair by yourself
  A1+ adapter is updated A1 adapter ?
No A1 and A1+ adapters are different. A1+ adapter is using only with VOLVO and EDC16 cars.
  After reading CarProg shows PIN "XXXX", VIN "XXXXXXXXXXXXXX" MAC "XXXXXXXX" Where is the problem ?
ECU is locked, you need to leave ecu with ignition on for 40-120 minutes.
  S5.2, S5.3, S5.4, S5.5, BMW, Mersedes, Ford and GM Airbag's  don't work on table
Connect 12v supply to CarProg and to airbag too. 
VAG airbag ECU has error 65535 - Internal Control module memory error
  • You need to replace airbag ecu (this is the only way)
  CarProg update error!
  • Check internet connection.
  • Check firewall, maybe firewall has blocked connection(port: 5757)
  • Check antivirus, maybe antivirus has blocked connection(port : 5757)
  Online software doesn't work!
  • Check internet connection
  • Check firewall, maybe firewall has blocked connection(port: 5780)
  • Check antivirus, maybe antivirus has blocked connection(port : 5780)
  My CarProg doesn't work!!!
  •  CarProg  must be connected directly to computer(Do not use any USB Hubs!).
  •  Do CarProg test with A9 adapter