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Carprog Manual

Location: /ELECTRONICS/2J74Y

MC68HC908AZ60 2J74Y processor already programmed with software you need

MC68HC908AZ60 2J74Y processor already programmed with software you need

Product Information

MC68HC908AZ60 2J74Y processor already programmed with software you need. We can offer any software you need. This is only some examples:

For Audi A3, A4, TT dashboards repair  ( to processe your order we need information from label on processor like in picture):


504000_000600 A3 V7.94ML

504000_001004 A3 V8.42ML

507000_000302 A4 V7.91ML

507000_000304 A3 V7.92ML

507000_000304 V7.92ML

507000_000404 TT V7.92HL

509019_303213 V7.48ML

509019_303215 V7.4CML

509019_303218 V7.4CML

509019_303219 V7.64ML

509019_303410 V7.4DML

509019_303411 V7.65ML

509019_303412 A4 diesel V7.82ML

509019_303412 A6 V7.82ML

509019_305200 TT V7.62HL

509019_305200 V7.47ML

509019_313212 TT V7.62HL

509019_313212 V7.64HL

509019_313213 A6 V7.48HL

509019_313215 V7.49HL

509019_313219 V7.65HL

509019_313410 V7.4DHL

509019_313411 V7.65HL

504000_001104 TT V8.40HL

507000_000407 A3 V8.20

507000_000402 TT V7.91HL

509019_313219 TT V7.64HL

504000_001006 A3 V8.42ML


For Mercedes W211, W203 SAM repair (we need just Mercedes Benz part number like 002 545 78 01 and control unit photo):

Rear SAM 002 545 78 01

Rear SAM 203 545 24 01

Front SAM 463 545 00 01

Door and seat modules, light module, DVD module.


For Volvo door modules repair – symptoms: driver door all windows steering not work.

For Opel electronic repair – ESP not work.

… and many others, just ask.


Price: €65.00 (without VAT)

Product Code: 2J74Y CUSTOM

Overall rating: 5

Andreas Stoiber  

2014-10-07 21:57

Great service very fast shipping! Ready programmed only swap and it
works. Thanks a lot
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