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Carprog Manual

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AUTODETECT - Universal dashboard odometer adaptation utility (cars, trucks, motorcycles)

AUTODETECT - Universal dashboard odometer adaptation utility (cars, trucks, motorcycles)

Product Information
This utility is created to help automatically find and repair odometer value in instrument cluster. All most common odometer calculation algo are implemented including Yazaki, Denso, NS, Bosch and others.
Use AUTODETECT function, if instrument cluster is from new car and you can't find programming instructions for it. 

How to use AUTODETECT: 

  • Write original car odometer value. Remove tacho from car, open instrument cluster and try to find instrument cluster producent logo or name on integrated circuit, PCB or cluster labels;
  • Find inside some non-volatile memory: serial EEPROM or processor; 
  • Start AUTODETECT program and select memory type. Connect CarProg to dash using A4, A6 or other adapter. Please check  that CarProg adapter is connected correctly and CarProg reading memory without errors. 
  • Press Next and CarProg will try to read EEPROM and find odometer value in "Intelligent mode" . If odometer is not found - select "Accurate mode" and try again. Memory Backup will be saved automatically in CarProg folder
  • Select original odometer value from list and push "Next": 

  • Check cluster producent logo - odometer value (+/- 250km difference is allowed) and logo must be correct;

  • Write corrected odometer and push "Write km"


In CarProg software AUTODETECT menu you can find in many places: for ex. in Audi, Ford or Yamaha section, but this is only one software. You can program Yamaha bike cluster with AUTODETECT software runed from DASH / AUDI CarProg section. It is no difference from DASH / AUDI / AUTODETECT and AUTODETECT from FORD folder.


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Product Code: AUTODETECT

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