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Carprog Manual

Location: /ELECTRONICS/Motorola IC

MC68HC705X32 - 64-QFP empty tested processor

MC68HC705X32 - 64-QFP empty tested processor

Product Information
Can be used to replace processors with these mask: 0D69J, 1D69J, 0D62J, 2D59J, 0D53J, 0G47V, 1G47V

New, unprogrammed and tested MC68HC705X32 Freescale processor used in Mercedes, VW immobilizers, EZS, FBS and other automotive electronic. MC68HC705X32 PROM can be programmed only one time!
We can write any program you need to this processor - just send to us dump of original processor (PROM and EEPROM) readed with any programmer. If ECU with 705X32 Motorola processor sometimes not work correctly (car not start, loosing transponder key even after new transponder programming and other malfunctions depending from temperature) possibly you must replace MC68HC705X32.

  • for repair Mercedes ML AAM, EAM, DAS;
  • for repair Mercedes EZS, SAM;


Price: €75.00 (without VAT)

Product Code: MC68HC705X32

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