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Carprog Manual


MC33286DW - BMW X5, E39 rear wiper problem (automotive Dual High Side Driver)

MC33286DW - BMW X5, E39 rear wiper problem (automotive Dual High Side Driver)

Product Information

Most common problem on BMW X5 E39 - rear wiper doesn't work, this IC can be burned.

This device is a dual high side power switch dedicated for automoive applications. In comparison with mechanical relays, this device offers higher reliability as well as protection and diagnostic features. The device consists of two independent 35m


Ω Rdson switches in a surface mount package. It can be directly interfaced with a microcontroller for control and diagnostic functions. The device is fully protected against overcurrents, short-circuits and incorporates an overtemperature shutdown. It can be directly and continuously supplied by the battery and offers a very low quiescent current in standby mode.


Price: €12.00 (without VAT)

Product Code: MC33286

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