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Carprog Manual

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SPEEDSTOP - Plug and Play KM freezer for Bentley Continental GT , Flying Spur (2007–2018)

SPEEDSTOP - Plug and Play KM freezer for Bentley Continental GT , Flying Spur (2007–2018)

Product Information
 For Bentley Flying Spur, Continental GT cars testing. While car "drive test" is possible to stop (freeze) odometer counting. 

Works with :

  • Bentley Continental GT, GT3, W12, V8  from year 2007-2018  ( RB8 instrument cluster type );
  • Bentley Flying Spur. Coupe  from year 2007-2018 ( RB8 instrument cluster type );


How to install:
Plug and Play device with easiest connection way possible, no soldering is required in the installation process. Remove instrument cluster. Disconnect cluster green and blue connectors . SPEEDSTOP two connectors are marked with blue and green color tape. SPEEDSTOP male connectors connect to car cluster connector - check twice connectors orientation - on both connectors one side have trail - look picture. Use additional cable ties for fixing connectors.


Speedometer, cruise control  works correctly all time.

Using SPEEDSTOP on Bentley: (tachometer move up on speedometer every time when working mode are changed­): 


  • Push 4x High beam light switch  (tachometer pointer on cluster move 1 time)  = Odometer freezed, Speedometer show actual speed;
  • Push 4x High beam light switch  (tachometer pointer on cluster move 2 time) = back to normal mode, Odometer and Speedometer works normal.

After Ignition OFF/ON SPEEDSTOP keeps selected working mode.

If you remove SPEEDSTOP adapter after test drive, odometer not changing.

Price: €250.00 (without VAT)

Product Code: SPEEDSTOPBE2

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