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Carprog Manual

Location: /CARPROG/Adapters

C1 - Car electronic on table testing adapter

C1 - Car electronic on table testing adapter

Product Information
WARNING !!!  If you use C1 together with A1MULTI - please cut OBDII male connector pins 3 and 11 like in picture:
A1MULTI adapter has 3 different CAN lines and this modification will disconnect CAN3-11 from CAN6-14 (look C1 schematic).

Using this aditional cable you can test car electronic on the table:
  • Volvo dashboard repairing on the table;
  • Airbag testing and "crash data erase" on-table;
  • Opel, VAG ECU programming on-table;

Price: €39.00 (without VAT)

Product Code: C1

Overall rating: 3

eletuning trica  

2020-02-09 16:31

Excellent article, excellent price and quality. I recommend it is a great tool
Cesar Jaramillo  

2014-03-07 06:13

Excellent product, tested in a 2012 Ford Escape and 2013 Ford F150.Thank you.
Autocenter Weyher  

2013-08-17 12:40

Super Ware Danke schön:) Towar 100% Dziekuje:)
Ryszard Mazurkiewicz  

2013-04-27 10:54

nice quality of product, worth the price. thank you.
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